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Extended Marketing Plans

Build a strong online presence & turn social followers into customers to drive more sales to your online business.


per monthly campaign, no subscription.

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  • Social Network marketing
  • Create a Strong social community
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Promote 'limited time' products & events
  • Massive Boost in traffic & sales
  • Reach 1,000+

per monthly campaign, no subscription.

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  • Logo & Campaign design
  • Multichannel advertising campaigns
  • Increased conversion rates & sales
  • Paid & Organic optimization
  • All Features from Starter
  • Reach 10,000+

per monthly campaign, no subscription.

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  • Marketing strategy & data analytics
  • Storefront design
  • Multiple advertising campaigns
  • Multiple press releases & publicity
  • Long Lasting & Sustainable sales growth
  • All Features from Starter & Advanced
  • Reach 25,000+

An all-inclusive solution complete with everything you need to grow your brand.

AdJuce lets you organize all of your advertising and promotional campaigns in one complete solution, customized for your online brand. Whether your goal is increased public relations, more sales, or more customer engagement, AdJuce will help you reach your business objectives.

Built from the ground up for speed and performance.

Our campaigns focus on turning social followers into customers by targeting the right audience and converting the visitors into new customers. By integrating your business across multiple social channels & networks, you will increase both your audience and your customer loyalty with AdJuce.

An advertising system that
includes a massive array of elements.

Whether you are selling through Etsy, Shopify, Social Media or a blog, our solutions are customized for driving sales to your brand by including those advertising elements that suits your brand and main selling platform the most.

Enhance your growth with
more value for your business.

By focusing on organic optimization in search engines and social networks, AdJuce lets you maximize your brand’s potential through increased awareness and smart marketing. By organizing all of your advertising in one solution, you save both time, energy and money with a solution customized for your brand.

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